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The NICNAS (National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme) mission is the integrated regulation of industrial chemicals for the protection of human health and the environment through scientific excellence and regulatory efficiency to deliver the safe and sustainable use of chemicals.
Many ingredients in cosmetic products are classed as industrial chemicals, even those described as naturally occurring. To make sure these products are safe for the workers handling them, the environment and for use by consumers, the Australian Government regulates the ingredients used in the manufacture and importation of cosmetics in Australia.
RJ Mineral Cosmetics International are proud to be registered with the NICNAS and to follow the guidelines set out by the NICNAS Cosmetics Guidelines; and also to the Cosmetic Standard , you can read both documents covering the legislative requirements at the NICNAS website.
All RJ Mineral Cosmetics International cosmetic products and their ingredients comply with the changed legislative requirements for cosmetics and all NICNAS requirements are also met.