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Ordering Tips & Tricks


What do RJ Mineral Cosmetics International do?

RJMCI are a manufacturer of cosmetics, we make these products available for you to purchase under your own brand name. RJMCI do not retail our products and do not have our own Brand. (Basically this means that you cannot just purchase a single item/productJ)



How do I get started with ordering?

First things first; read our “RJMCI Terms and Conditions” before you do anything else.

These are our trading terms and your business needs to be happy with them before moving forward, these should have been sent to you upon your initial enquiry, if not contact us immediately and we will email them over to you.

Look over our website, our products and further details are on there, including a photo of virtually every shade in every product that we offer.

Go over the ingredients listing for the products you are interested in for your business; make sure they are suitable for your business (RJMCI suggest you research on a reputable site such as  www.cosmeticsinfo.org/ for ingredients information that is unbiased). All ingredients in our cosmetic products can be found on the “INGREDIENTS Listing for COSMETICS” information sheet, which would have been sent to you upon your initial enquiry.

Also check over our pricing information sheets:

ACCESSORIES PRICES WHOLESALE” This is wholesale pricing for our accessory items. “ACCESSORIES PRICES WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR” This is distributor pricing for our accessory items (distributor is for those business ordering in larger quantities – usually for on sale to other companies)

DELUXE COSMETICS PRICES PRE-PACKED WHOLESALE” This is our pricing in our deluxe packaging options


our deluxe packaging options for Distributors

PRE-FILLED INTO CUSTOMER PACKAGING PRICING” This is our pricing for filling into your supplied and sourced packaging

BULK COSMETICS PRICING CUSTOMER TO FILL” this is our bulk product pricing to be filled at your end

All of which should have been emailed to you upon your first enquiry with RJMCI, if not please let us know and we will send them out to you immediately.

Our products are made in Australia, and they are made to Australian standards, our pricing does not and is not intended to compete with overseas manufacturing options such as China, Taiwan etc. however we do feel we offer a very competitive price point and an excellent product in a huge array of shades that many other manufactures struggle to compete with.

If you are happy with our pricing, please move onto the next step.

Ordering Samples

We recommend that you purchase some samples of our products to make sure they are suitable for your brand and the market in which you are selling.

More details can be found in our information sheet “RJMCI Samples Information Sheet”, which would have been sent to you upon your initial enquiry.

What is a sample order?

A sample order is placed when you are trailing our products initially, to find out if the products we manufacture will work for your business.

Ongoing customers can also order samples of colours and or new products on the end of their wholesale orders.

Sample orders do not have a total order minimum (see below for wholesale ordering) however you may only order 1 unit of a product/shade for a sample order.

More details can be found in our information sheet “RJMCI Samples Information Sheet”, which would have been sent to you upon your initial enquiry.

Why do I have to pay for samples, no one else charges me for samples/I will be ordering in huge quantities if I like your products?

RJMCI charge for all samples of its products, for more information on why this is please see “RJMCI Samples Information Sheet”, which would have been sent to you upon your initial enquiry.

What if I ordered product unseen in wholesale quantities?

We never, ever, recommend this. We always recommend that you trial the product first before placing a wholesale order as there are no refunds, exchanges or returns on any product unless it is faulty.

That is our definition of faulty, not that you may think it is faulty because you do not know how a Mineral Mascara will react compared to traditional or another brand (as in Mineral Mascaras take longer to dry on the lashes – this is not a fault – that’s just the way it is – no synthetics to make it dry fast), and not if you are unsure of how to use a product. Purchasing a wholesale order of products unseen, weather our product or any other manufacturer’s product, is not a good idea for your business.

I know/believe/think you supply to such and such and I like their product - why should I pay for a sample?

Because you can never ever be 100% sure it is the same product. We supply many companies and we supply some products to some companies, all products to other companies and maybe only one product to another company. Many of our customer have customer exclusive products made and they do not order from our stock products at all!

So the absolute best way to be sure a product is right for your business is to trial the product.

How do I place a sample order I don’t know the item codes?

This is ok, we do not expect you to know them from the start!

All we need is your business details (business name, address contact number etc.) for our quotation system and a list of the products and shade numbers you would like to sample. If you have chosen the stock packaging you would like to trial please let us know, and please note that not all products are available to be purchased in full size packaging.

We will then email you a quotation.


What is a wholesale order?

Once you have decided to place a stock wholesale order with RJMCI you are then ordering as a customer of RJMCI, this means that our minimums apply to each order you place moving forward. Our minimums are - each order placed for product must be a minimum of $250 AUD in total before GST/Shipping/Sample products, AND additionally each product/shade of a product must be ordered in minimums of five (5) units each (and in multiples of five also so you can order 10 units of a product, but not 11).

After these minimums have been met you can add any samples you wish in single units, however if you have ordered a product/shade previously (in any packaging type or sample type) you can only reorder that product in multiples of 5 units.

Bulk product orders (for filling at your end) only need to reach the $250 AUD total order minimum as 5 units do not apply.

What if my order does not reach your minimum order?

RJMCI are a strictly wholesale company, this means that a handling fee (currently $50 AUD) will apply to any order that does not reach our minimums for a wholesale orders total as above, the 5 unit per product/shade minimum cannot be changed.

How do I place a wholesale order?

This can be a little trickier, as some customers have our complimentary labels applied to the products, some customers have no labels, some silver deluxe packaging, some black packaging and some a mixture of packaging!

Then we have some customers that have pad printed packaging and some supply their own packaging to us for filling.

The easiest way is to copy the item number section and the description section from your last invoice, so then you know the product you are going to be getting will be the same as last time.

If you do not know the item code or have not ordered the product wholesale before please give us as much information as you can such as product name, product shade number, which packaging you would like, how many units you would like (we will advise you if there are applicable minimums) and if you wish to have labels on your whole order or not (please note we do not split an order into part labelled or art not labelled – this simply becomes confusing and creates errors).

RJMCI have many orders that come in everyday, please understand that we do not know exactly what your business usually or typically orders, so saying to us “like I received last time” will hold up your orders as our staff have little time to search back through your old orders.

It’s fairly easy to know how much your order will be before you send us the email for a quote, take out the pricing sheet that applies to the products you are ordering, open up a spreadsheet (such as Excel) or grab some paper and a pen and mark down how many of each item and which shades you are ordering, pop in the price and do a total (Excel is awesome for this as it will add it up for you as you go along!). This way you can make sure you reach our minimums before you even send us your order J

This is also another great way to keep track of what you are calling your products, so for example a spreadsheet could have our Item Number MF10 8g B and in the next column you can put your common name such as Mineral Foundation Alice (or whatever your business is calling that particular shade), this will make it much easier for you to order moving forward as your business grows too.

Better yet do up your own ordering file that you can email to us directly with all the codes of the products you order regularly.

We will email you a quotation, at this stage changes can be made to quotations, once you move your quotation to an invoice the order is final and will be passed to production for filling.

I have my quotation, now what?

Check it, and then check it again!

We will not start on your order before we receive your approval and your payment, this can only be done after you receive your quote and check that it is correct and what you wanted.

Make sure the products on your quotation are exactly what you want to order, that they are in the correct packaging, and are being shipped to the business address you want them to go to.

If you are expecting a product to be in pad printed packaging or your own supplied packaging, make sure that it what it says on the quotation.

Read any “Notes” that are listed in your quotation, as they will usually be asking your business for more information or explaining something important.

Once you pay for your quotation it will become an official invoice which is then passed to our production team, and no changes; such as colour swapping, packaging swapping, additions of products; can be made to an order once it is placed into our production schedule.

Also make sure you are finished ordering before making payment; once an order has been placed into our production schedule it cannot be added to and a new quotation will be done for any additional products and these will need to meet with the minimums above.

All payment methods are listed on the bottom of your quotation


I am just about to move or my address has changed

Please contact RJMCI immediately, in writing via email, then we can update your details in our MYOB system. This is extremely important as all extra shipping changes for us not being given your correct address will be charged back to your business.

How fast do I get my wholesale product orders?

All orders are processed in a first come first serve basis, if we are especially busy turnaround times will be longer, if your order is larger, turnaround times will be longer. The products are made fresh and this takes time, please keep a good track of your stock levels and order in plenty of time so that you are not disappointed by our turnaround times.

In most instances a $1000 order is turned in under 7-10 business days, a $5000 order is turned within 10-15 business days, and orders around $10,000 to $20,000 are turned within 20-25 business days. RJMCI is a wholesale manufacturer, we do not hold stock on our shelves; your business will need to hold your own stock and make sure you do not run out of product to sell.

Please note that if you have chosen to have your products professionally Pad Printed by our outsourced service this will add time to your turnarounds as the packaging will be sent to the printers first, printed, and then returned to us for filling.

I have received my sample order and I don’t like the products/shades, can I return them? Unfortunately, no you cannot, these are commercial samples of our products and they are for your business to trial, not all products are going to be for all companies.

I have received my samples and I love the colours/product but I want to change it a little bit by “tweaking” it, can I?

We can do custom formulations, please contact us for all fees and changes involved in this process. Please note custom formulations take time, this can be a lengthy process and can become costly to your business, all our staff hours will be changed back to your business for any changes or creations you require.

Remember we have a HUGE array of products and colours; in most instances you will be able to find something from our stock products that will work for your business.

I have received my wholesale order and there is an item missing/incorrect/damaged, what do I do?

You have Seven (7) days from receipt of your order to let us know of any issues whatsoever you have with your order. So when you receive your order check it thoroughly, check the packaging, the labelling, the units per item against your invoice. If there are any problems, contact us via email for instructions immediately.

I am past my Seven (7) day period but one of my products is faulty, what do I do?

Contact RJMCI immediately for instructions. Do not return the product until instructed to do so as we have paperwork that will need to be included in with your returns.

I have checked my invoice and I ordered the wrong product, can I send it back for a credit/swap?

Please contact RJMCI immediately, if you have ordered the incorrect product or approved an incorrect invoice there will be re-stocking fees that apply to your returns, we will be able to advise you further.

I am sending you products/packaging/returns etc., what do I do?

We get deliveries or packaging, ingredients, stationary, samples etc. every few minutes at our head office, all day every day!

To make sure your delivery to us does not get lost you need to contact us for the forms you will need to include inside your delivery parcel. This way we know who it is from and what we need to do with the delivery.

Forms are “Returns Authority Form”, “Packaging for testing/Filling Form”, “Packaging for filling with an Invoiced Order Form” and/or “Product for Stock Colour Matching, Custom Formulations Form”. One of these forms will need to accompany any delivery to our head office.


I have looked over your ingredients listing and I have heard/read/googled that certain ingredients are “bad” for skin/the environment/babies/rats etc., why do you use them? Whilst RJMCI makes the majority of our products as natural as possible and use only globally approved ingredients, these may not meet with your personal business ethos or may clash with something you have read or personally believe.

You can choose to purchase a different product (in most cases we have other options), you can choose another supplier, you can choose to have products custom formulated for your business (we can recommend some cosmetics chemist formulators you can discuss this with).

All ingredients that are used by RJMCI are approved for use in cosmetics virtually worldwide, we base our inclusions on scientific data only, and follow that data closely for any updates or changes.

What colours should I buy?

RJMCI cannot advise you on colour selections, we are not a retail company that deals with end users, and we do not have make-up artists on hand to recommend which direction your business should go in terms of shades. Only you know your business and end user market.

What we can do is offer you “RJMCI Popular Shades & Products”, which would have been sent to you upon your initial enquiry.

Please note that this Information Sheet will give you our most popular shades by sales, larger companies purchase in larger amounts and this can unbalance the data, these are simple recommendations for you to start with, we highly recommend that you physically see and feel the products/shades before purchasing wholesale.

I have products here that are not selling, can I return them to RJMCI for a credit/swap? Unfortunately, no you cannot, these are commercial products and your business has commissioned us to manufacture them for your business, we are unable to accept unwanted items back into stock.

I want different packaging; can you offer me different packaging?

RJMCI have three to five different stock packaging options for most products. We do not arrange custom packaging for our customers, however we can fill customer supplied packaging.

For more information on this service please see “pre-filled into CUSTOMER PACKAGING pricing”, which would have been sent to you upon your initial enquiry. All packaging that you are thinking of purchasing elsewhere will need to be physically checked by our production department to make sure it will work with our machinery, plates, dyes, moulds, valves etc.

I have a product colour here that I love, can you match it to your closest stock product?

Yes, we can, please send in a sample to us at Head Office (please contact us before sending anything to head office as all deliveries will need paperwork included in with them so head office knows what to do with them when they arrive!) and we can have a look at it and advise you of close shades from our stock colours that may work.

Please note there is a fee for this service as it takes our staff members some time to do so and the turnaround for this service is usually within 10 business days depending on the number of samples you are requiring.

I am not sure how to apply your product, what can I do?

In most cases the products will apply as you would expect, but in some cases you will need some background in make-up application, examples of this maybe patting of the loose shadow to the lids instead of swiping across the lid; or noting that our natural liquid foundations may dry slightly quicker than traditional liquid foundations; or having an understanding of how airbrush application works.

RJMCI does not offer any cosmetic application training.

This is your brand; that you are marketing and selling on; you will need to work with your business’ products and come to understand them as fully as you can, that includes the best application techniques, understanding of its ingredients etc. do your research and know your products and how to get the best out of them, this will increase your brand sales.


What are complimentary ingredients labels?

Complimentary ingredients labels are labels that we can apply to all the products in your order that have the basic ingredients listing and weight of the product on them.

They do not have any of our details on them and will not have any of your details on them, they are purely there to give you a ready to sell product. It is law in Australia (and virtually all other countries in the world) that every product has its ingredients clearly listed on the packaging of the product to be sold or at point of sale (point of sale means that on marketing accompanying the sale item, listed on a website if sold that way, listed on a wall near the display etc.)

All our ingredients listings cover all of the products in that range, for example a Mineral Foundation Powders ingredients listing that we place on the bottom of the jar lists every ingredient that may or may not be in any of the 30+ shades we sell in our Mineral Foundation Powder range. So one list of ingredients covers all 30+ shades. This is legal worldwide and is the industry standard.

Please see “INGREDIENTS Listing for COSMETICS” for further information, which would have been sent to you upon your initial enquiry.

So what is Pad Printing then?

Pad Printing is completely different to ingredients labels. Pad Printing is having your business’ logo printed directly onto the packaging, pad printing is non removable as it is not a sticker.

Please see the “PAD PRINTING Information Sheet” for more information and pricing for this service.

How to I order my Logo to be Printed on your stock packaging?

Firstly, read the “PAD PRINTING Information Sheet” for more information and pricing for this service. Then choose which packaging you would like for each of the products you wish to order, then email us your order and your logo and we can do up some quotations for your brand. This is a professionally outsourced service and can really make your brand look the part.

I want some of my order to be labelled with your complimentary ingredients labels and some to be with no labels?

Sorry we do not offer this, it becomes confusing for the dispatch crew if some products are labelled and some products are not from the one order, then errors occur and returns inevitably happen.

What we can do is sell you a sheet of complimentary ingredients labels for you to attach at your end. You can also place two quotes (to be shipped together) but both must reach the $250AUD minimum requirements as above.

I want different labels, with my name on it or a shade name instead of a number, can you change your complimentary ingredient labels?

Unfortunately, no, RJMCI do not print labels and we do not have label printing machines. We can suggest some local label printers that will be able to assist you with having your own exclusive labels done up for you brand.


Do you offer credit terms?

RJMCI are a wholesale manufacturer and as such do not offer credit.

If your order is over $5000 AUD you may be eligible for a 50% deposit payment to get your order moved into production, then the remaining 50% (and any additional applicable shipping fees) will need to be paid when your order is ready for dispatch but prior to dispatch from our head office.

Shipping seems a little high, do you offer anything cheaper?

We are very careful about how we ship these products to you and we have trailed many courier companies to find the companies that offer the best tracking and best handling of these deliveries. Basically you get what you pay for when it comes to shipping. Please see “RJMCI Shipping Information Sheet” for more information on our shipping and how you can arrange your own courier.

Why are you asking for extra shipping to be paid, I thought I paid the shipping on my initial quote?

A quotation will usually include estimated shipping charges, once your order is ready it is boxed and ready to ship, we then check the packaging sizes and weights, this may give us additional shipping charges, these charges are passed onto your business. Please see our “RJMCI Shipping Information Sheet” for further information, which would have been sent to you upon your initial enquiry.

Another shipping charge is if a courier attempts a delivery to your business and it is unattended, any fees associated with this will be passed back to your business.

How do I get cheaper pricing?

If you have pricing point in mind let us know and we can advise you on how much your business will need to order of a particular product to reach that pricing point. Our pricing gets cheaper the more units you order.