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Pad Printing & Labels

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All Deluxe pre-packed RJ Mineral Cosmetics products come with an optional complimentary base ingredient label.
This label is optional; please notify RJ Mineral Cosmetics if you do not wish to receive them on your products.
You may wish to label your own products, this enables you to ‘create’ shade names and set out the label as you wish.  
At RJ Mineral Cosmetics we also offer a Professional outsourced Pad Stamping service for your container lids of our pre-packed products… just imagine your new product line with your logo professionally presented on the containers!
You don’t need to take thousands of Containers; we have very low minimums on our Professional Pad Stamping service.
Our Pad Stamping is done right here in Australia, so as always, you know you are getting the best with RJ Mineral Cosmetics.
Professional Pad Stamping is available for all our packaging, from powder containers to mascara tubes to liner pencils casings, you name it and we can get it arranged for you and the turnaround in most cases is less than 30 days! 
You provide your business logo in a .PDF format; arrange your containers; then we can send you an email with logo placement and sizing for your approval (we can also arrange for a physical sample at cost of you prefer) before proceeding.
For further information on Pad Stamping prices, minimums etc please contact us at RJ Mineral Cosmetics on (08) 82400635 or email rochelle.sutton@rjmineralcosmetics.com.au
All cosmetic products sold in Australia must be labelled with a legal list of ingredients.
If your business decides to label your own products, and RJ Mineral Cosmetics International highly recommend you do so that you can take advantage of your own marketing ideas and to offer your brand exclusivity, your business will need to be aware of your responsibilities. RJ Mineral Cosmetics International always recommends that your business discuss your labelling designs with the TGA or NICNAS where appropriate.
Under the Trade Practices Act 1974, all cosmetics sold in Australia must be labelled with an exhaustive list of ingredients, either on the packaging or on an accompanying leaflet.
(1) A list of ingredients must be:
(a) prominently shown; and
(b) clearly legible.
(2) The names of the ingredients in the list must be either their English names or their INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient) names.
(3) There may also be a list of ingredients in another language.
(4) The ingredients are to be listed in descending order calculated by either mass or volume. Alternatively, the mandatory information standard allows the ingredients to be listed in the following way:
1. Ingredients (except colour additives) in concentrations of 1 per cent or more in descending order by volume or mass; followed by
2. Ingredients (except for colour additives) in concentrations of less than 1 per cent in any order; and finally
3. Colour additives in any order.
The mandatory information standard does not require the quantity or percentage of each ingredient to be listed.
Different countries and regions throughout the world have different labelling requirements and your business will need to speak to the governing bodies in those regions if you are choosing to label your products for sale in these regions.