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It’s your brand… do it your way!
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How about some exclusive shades? No problems!
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Wholesale Private Label

What is Wholesale Private Label?
Private Label means the products are not branded - they are ready for you to give them your Brand!
You can choose to purchase your products pre-packed; ready to go on your shelves for retail; or in bulk, ready for you to package, or have your packaging filled by us.
The price is wholesale, which means your mark-up is a great deal higher than pre-branded products - you are buying direct from the manufacturer - no middle man or middle man mark up!
What are your minimums for Wholesale pre-packed and Bulk orders?
We specialize in servicing both small and large businesses; o
ur minimums are very low, only 5 units per shade and an order total of $250 AUD!
Any business can have their brand with these low minimums.

For Information on pricing for your business, please contact us on 08 82400635 (+61 8 82400635) or email: rochelle.sutton@rjmineralcosmetics.com.au 


What about Confidentiality?
At RJ Mineral Cosmetics International we do not under any circumstance disclose the names of our clients.

This is written into our standard Terms and Conditions and every Employee contract, your privacy is important to us.


For more information on our trading Terms & Conditions please email us or give us a call, rochelle.sutton@rjmineralcosmetics.com.au  (08) 8240 0635.