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Applying RJ Mineral Cosmetics
Our team at RJ Mineral Cosmetics International has an encyclopaedia of application, tips and tricks to applying our wonderful Mineral Makeup - below we have given some basic ideas to get you started.
Mattifying Primer Gel:
Give your skin a hydration boost while evening out skin tone for a flawless finish. Mattifying Primer gel is best used when applied before foundation whether it is a powder, liquid or compact. It is particularly great for those who have dry skin or an oily complexion as it allows foundation to disperse evenly without grabbing to dry or oily areas.
Apply: Using either total coverage face brush or clean finger tips, apply a small amount of the Mattifying primer gel over entire face, wait for it to absorb into the skin then continue to apply foundation as usual.
Mattifying Primer Powder:
The mattifying primer powder has the same concept as the mattifying primer gel but in a powder form. The powder is great for those in particular with oily to combination skin types. It evens out the skin tone so that the foundation will evenly disperse on the skin without grabbing to oily/dry areas. The beauty of this product is that it helps to absorb excess oils throughout the day, keeping your skin looking dewy NOT oily!
Apply: Tip a small amount into the lid, dip and swirl kabuki brush into the product. Tap down, and tap off any excess product. Use a light circular or stroking motion over face.
Mineral Foundation Powder:
Feels just like a second skin, so light it’s as if you are wearing no makeup at all but gives all the coverage that every woman wants. Not only does it feel and look flawless but it has the added bonus of giving your skin SPF20+ protection from today’s environment while feeding your skin with vitamins and minerals.
You don’t even have to feel guilty if you sleep with it on as it is non-comedogenic! 
RJ Mineral Cosmetics International Mineral Powder Foundation is a truly new concept in make-up and it may take a few tries to get your application 'just right' - but don’t give up, the results are well worth the effort and you will be amazed with the results you will get from RJ Mineral Cosmetics Mineral powder Foundation!
Apply: Finding a colour to suit yourself or a client apply a small amount of mineral foundation along the jaw line, if it blends in and there are no obvious lines, then it’s a perfect match. There are over 30 shades to choose from so there is something to suit every skin tone.
-          Always apply minerals in thin layers, two is usually sufficient.
-          Make sure your Mattifying Primer Gel or moisturiser has absorbed before you apply mineral powder.
Turn the jar over, tap the bottom with your finger, turn right side up, and open.
You should find a small amount of RJ Mineral Cosmetics Mineral Powder Foundation in the lid.
Swirl your Professional Kabuki brush in the foundation, and tap the excess back into the lid.
Begin applying with short, feathery, downward strokes and/or light circles.
You want the fine hairs and pores of your skin to lay flat, so try and finish with light downward strokes.
If you need to conceal or correct a blemish or imperfection RJ mineral cosmetics have the perfect correctors and concealers to do so.
They come in three different formulas- powder, liquid or cream compact so there is a product to suit every range or personal preference.
Apply: Before you apply you Mineral Foundation in order for corrector or concealer to be blended so that there are no obvious lines or spots.
Use our Cover/Fill Brush for small areas/spots or our Total Coverage Face brush for a heavier coverage; this is especially good for areas under the eyes and for concealing large pores.
Yellow: To correct dark circles under the eyes with a purple or blue undertone or bruises
Pink: Corrects blue and purple blemishes, veins, and bruises.
Green: To correct red blemishes including rosacea, pimples and acne
Apricot: A great general corrector can be used on all types of blemishes or imperfections with slight colouring. Can be used under the eyes if they are slightly dark, pigmentation and large pores. An apricot corrector also helps to liven up skin tone which may appear dull and grey.
Mauve: Corrects blue and black imperfections and discolouration including facial veins and bruises it also contracts any yellow pigmentation or spots.
Light beige, medium beige, dark beige: Great concealers for all skin types, and will help to conceal most unwanted areas of pigmentation and blemishes. A great general concealer! When choosing a skin toned concealer always choose one lighter than your foundation shade, this enable the concealer to cover correctly.
Setting Powder:
Want a longer lasting finish? Mineral Setting Powder is the answer you have been searching for!
Available in 5 different shades both translucent and skin tones; so there is one to suit everybody’s needs.
A simple application over the top of foundation before applying blush and eye shadow etc, will set the makeup and take away any oily/shiny areas for a matte finish.
Apply: After applying foundation, use the Professional Kabuki or Flawless face brush and apply a thin layer all over the face.
Moisture Setting:
Hydrate your skin and set your makeup at the same time. If you have a drier skin condition, spritz a little skin freshener on top of your Mineral Foundation, this will re-hydrate your skin and correct a dry or flaky look.
Apply: Hold spritz a little way from face and spritz, it’s as easy as that. Also, if you mist with the skin freshener, and then use a flocked sponge or brush to lightly smooth your make up in a downward motion; you will minimize the appearance of large pores. Spritz whenever skin is feeling dry or you feel the need for a refresher, perfect for those who are travelling.  
Eye shadow:
There are so many different eye shadows to choose from ranging from mattes to glimmers, brights and more. There are eye shadows to create every desired look and compliment every range.
The choice at RJ Mineral Cosmetics is endless!
From black starlight’s for a gorgeous smoky eye effect for a bit of glitz and glamour to taupes for an everyday natural look.
We only use the highest quality ingredients for great application and long lasting effect.
Apply: Use the Stubbie Shadow, Shadow, Push, Smudge or our Multi Task Brushes to apply your eye shadow. Tap some colour into the lid, swirling your brush, tapping off the excess and applying.
With Mineral Powder Shadows the best application touch is to ‘pat’ the shadow onto the eye, using the Stubbie Shadow Brush will help with detailing and gives great control. Also why not try our new Eye Primer Gel, which offers a longer lasting base for your designs and will ‘bring out’ the depth of colours, see below for more information.
Eye Primer Gel:
Who wants an all day lasting eye shadow which is crease resistant and keeps your look intense and effervescent? Well, eye primer gel is just what the doctor ordered! This gel is magic! It is definitely a must have, you won’t know how you survived every morning when applying eye shadow without it.
Apply: Squeeze a small amount out, a little goes a long way. Apply to the area of eyelid where you want the shadow to be placed, and continue applying eye shadow. 
This incredible product can also be used on lips as a primer before applying Mineral Lipstick or Mineral Lip Gloss; for a longer lasting finish.
Eyeliner, Eye liner Pencil and Density:
Eyeliner is used to enhance and change appearance of eye shape depending on colour used, and application technique used. Eyeliner is also used to create desired looks from a smoky eye to a sophisticated look.
RJ Mineral Cosmetics offer a large range of colours to choose from to create every look and to suit every range. Eye liners come in three different forms which include powder, pencil and density.
Apply: When using an eye shadow powder add a little Eye Primer Gel to the colour in the lid, and mix, use the Duel Shadow Brush or Push Brush to apply, using a liner in this form means that you have over 300 shades to choose from!
Using an eyeliner pencil will give control and accuracy when lining the eyes.
Density is a crème form; use the dual liner brush with the tapered end. Dip into the density pot and apply on eyes, smudge, if desired, for a "smoky" look. Density looks absolutely amazing with a shadow ‘pressed’ into it, try a Starlight Shadow pressed into Black density for the best ever evening look!
Blush is used for accentuating the cheek bones and defining face shape. Depending on face structure and desired look, application can vary to create the illusion of different face shape and contours.
RJ Mineral Cosmetics International have a enormous range of blush shades to choose from, the choice is endless starting from soft flush pinks to hot fuchsias.
Apply: Use the Deluxe Blush brush to gather your colour from the lid and tap off the extra. Then use light, feathery strokes from the apple of your cheek back towards your hairline. Depending on desired look a light or heavy application can be used, start lightly and gradually build up colour. If you are unhappy with application, it’s as easy as using your foundation kabuki brush to erase any mistakes!
Illuminates give the skin a dewy glow, available in a translucent pearl base, translucent pink, translucent gold or translucent apricot. Illuminates are available in powder, cream and cream compact formulas.
Highlight your face to get that superstar glow!
Apply: The most common areas for applying illuminate include cheekbones, eyebrow arch and lip bow but application spots are only limited to your imagination!
Powder Illuminate -Using clean finger tips smooth along illuminate on cheek bones and under brows, or anywhere on face where desired glow is wanted.
Liquid Cream Illuminate - Using a small amount of cream illuminate in liquid foundation will give the whole face a stunning glow. Or apply the same as the powder.
Cream Compact Illuminate – Using the chubbi crayon draw onto desired area and blend with finger tips or blending brush.
Tip: If you don’t feel like wearing a shadow, apply a small amount of illuminate over the eyelids to give a natural ‘no makeup’ glow.
Body Shimmer:
RJ Mineral Cosmetics International Body Shimmers offer an amazing ‘sparkle’ to your skin, why not try BS06 for a ‘breathless glow to the skin’!
Lip Liner:
Great for defining or changing the shape of the lips, use to enhance different looks and helps to prevent lipstick from bleeding.
Apply: You can use the same technique outlined with the eyeliner above, or you can apply clear lip balm and use the Lipstick brush to line your lips with the powder. When using a lip pencil it is best applied when the pencil is sharpened to a point in order to get perfect lines.
Give your lips some colour! There are so many colours to choose from, there is a shade to suit every one and colours to create desired looks from fiery reds to soft nude pinks.
Apply: Simply fill the whole lip area in either with the lipstick or use RJ mineral cosmetics lip brush to give more control and accuracy.
Brow Dust and Brow Pencil:
Define brows and give them that perfect shape you are after. Comes in 4 shades light, medium, dark, and ash. Defining brows will make all the difference to a finished face; it helps to give the face shape.
Apply: Brow dust can be applied dry or wet, apply with the Duel Shadow Liner Brush or Push Brush using the angled end to apply then soften and blend with the brush end.
The brow pencil is great for convenience and for those who are used to using a pencil for control and shaping.
Mineral Powder Bronzer:
Always wanted that sun kissed look, like you have just been to the Greek islands for a holiday? Well now you can have it with RJ Mineral Cosmetics Bronzer, it is available in 5 shades; there is one to suit every skin type!
Not only does a bronzer give you a sun kissed look but it can also be used for contouring the face and as a blush for those who like to keep their look natural.
Apply: Using the Deluxe Flat Top Bronzer Brush and apply the colour to any part of your body that you want bronzed, usually in the areas that the sun would normally tan your skin. Tip a small amount into the lid and swirl brush in powder, it is best to apply in layers until desired colour is achieved. You can also mix the RJ Mineral Cosmetics Mineral Powder Bronzer in with your usual body lotion or moisturiser for a ‘smooth’ Bronze look!
Nail Polish:
Use a clear nail polish and dip the brush into the colour you would like.
Want a whole bottle of your favourite shade? No problem, simply add whichever RJ Mineral Cosmetics shade you like to a bottle of clear nail polish, shake well and start painting!
Sparkle Body Cream:
RJ Mineral Cosmetics Mineral Powders can be added to lotion for sparkles all - over body look, this looks fantastic with BS09 – all over golden sparkle.
Sparkle Disco Hair:
You can add RJ Mineral Cosmetic International powders to hair gel, for glittery hair, or the powders can be dry dusted into hair, and then set with hair spray! The disco diva lives on with RJ Mineral Cosmetics!
RJ Mineral Cosmetic International products can be mixed into almost anything for a unique look. And combining colours will give you a style all your own!