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PRESSED Blush & Bronzer Shades

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Bronzer Colour Charts

What colours are available?
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Blush Colour Charts

What colours are available?
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Blush & Bronzer Products

PRESSED Powder blushes


These are absolutely beautiful and as easy to use and blend as the loose powder blushes, all our favorite shades in a beautiful flip top compact.

Mineral Powder Blush

From dusty rose to deep mauve, our blushes will brighten up your cheeks in a soft, natural way.
RJ Mineral Cosmetics blushes are made from a silky, sheer formula that's easily bendable and long-wearing. These colours can be used on your customers' nails and lips as well, making them extremely versatile and excellent value for money!
The texture is extraordinarily soft and the colour is very concentrated – a little goes a long way!
Available in 18 Sheen Shades and 8 Matte Shades

PRESSED Bronzers


Smooth and silky pressed Bronzers, give your customers the tanned Aussie look without the suns damage.

Mineral Bronzer Powder

Add a healthy, sun-bronzed colour to your cheeks with our silky, gorgeous bronzers. Just a touch of these powders will wake up a tired or pale complexion. They can also double as face powders and highlighters!
Available in 5 shades