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Application Techniques

How to apply these amazing products? It’s all right here!
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Colour Charts

What colours are available?
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Cream Products

Mineral Cream Shadows or Blush

cream shadows.jpg
Creamy, smooth shades of colour that go on like a cream and dry to a powder finish... absolutely fantastic and still 100% all-natural!
Use them on eyes, cheeks and lips for a carry anywhere colour boost!
After a particular shade from our Matte or Intensive range?- Just ask!
Available in 100+ shades

Trio Cream Shadows

The perfect way for your business to stand out from the crowd.
These are available in over 150 shades and you can mix it up with a solid lip-gloss and two shadows or have all gloss or have all shadows - what about all shimmers? Yeah!
If you have the idea... we have solutions!
Available in over 150 shade combinations (minimums apply)

Mineral Cream Chubbi Shadows or Blush

These are absolutely amazing, Fat, Thick, Creamy Shade Pencils.... perfect for blush, lips and eyes!
Choose from any Lipstick or Matte Lipsticks, any Intensives or Matte Shadows, Blush shades, Glimmers, Starlights, Brights you name it we do it!
Available in over 150 shades