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What colours are available?
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Eye Products

Mineral Cream Density

Density is a waxy cream liner... perfect for adding definition to the eyes or for adding incredible depth to your Mineral Shadows, every customer will want one!
Available in 5 shades

Mineral Mascara

ahhh Mascara... The number 1 cause of eye irritation in women...well NOT with this Mascara!
All natural – All beautiful!
Available in 8 shades

Water Resistant Mascara (MA)

Ok so not everyone wants a Mineral Mascara, in fact many of your customers will want an all-day lasting mascara that will never run, will not cry away and will offer them fuller-longer-thicker-blacker lashes.... if you too have customers like these then you need this Mascara in your range!
It is amazing Mascara that coats the lashes beautifully and last all day long, and at the end of the day it will easily remove with our cleansers or makeup removers.
Available in 5 shades

Mascaras with Fibers

We now make a plus FIBERS range, our same amazing Mineral or water Resistant Mascara bases but incorporating fibers into the formulation. This literally gives you instant WOW factor with longer, thicker lashes - the ultimate false lashes in a tube!

Mineral Lash Primer Gel

So normally natural mascaras leave you wanting more, thicker, longer lashes?
Just apply a coat or two of this amazing ALL-NATURAL Mascara Primer for lashes to be proud of!
Available pre-packed 8 grams tubes and Bulk fill your own.

Eye Primer Cream

eye primer gel.jpg
This is an incredible product, not only will it keep your shadow in place ALL DAY LONG, it will stop shadows from bleeding, keep your shadow looking fresh… and talk about bringing out the true shadow pigment… WOW!