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Foundation Powder Colour Charts

What colours are available?
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Foundation Liquid Colour Charts

What colours are available?
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Mattifying Primer Gel Colour

What does Primer Gel look like?
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Mattifying Primer Powder Colour

What does Primer Powder look like?
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Foundation & Primer Products

PRESSED Mineral Foundations

Perfect FULL COVERAGE pressed Foundations


This is an amazing product, please try it - you will be impressed by the texture, coverage, longevity, and the range of colours we offer is HUGE!

Works great with all our other pressed products also - Bronzers, Illuminates, Blushes and our beautiful pressed Shadows!

Mineral Foundation Powder SPF15+

NOW ALSO AVAILABLE in Matte Mineral Foundation Powder!

mineral foundation powders.jpg
RJ Mineral Cosmetics International loose Mineral Powder Foundation is the purest, most natural-looking form and type of foundation available.
This exceptional powder can be applied dry for a lighter coverage or wet for a heavier complete coverage and full spectrum sunscreen. Incredible oil control with no separate concealer or powder needed.
Available in 52 stock shades.

AirBrush Foundations & Compressor

kit compressor air brush foundations.jpg
Yes here they are – amazing coverage – easy to apply even for novices – all day staying power – perfect in front of HD cameras – Airbrush Foundations are truly the godmother of flawless coverage! 10 drops in your airbrush gun is all you need for a whole face!

Currently available in 12 Bestselling shades!

Mineral Foundation Liquid

We know that you have waited a long time for these... we had to get them 'just perfect'... and we finally have!  These are creamy, easy to apply, long lasting (and NO transferance!) and have excellent coverage... then what would you expect from the experts at RJ Mineral Cosmetics!
Available in 16 popular shades.

Mineral Foundation Compact Cream

Compact Foundation.jpg
This Mineral Foundation has amazing coverage, while still remaining all-natural! How do we do it!
Available in 16 shades; 20 Grams in a pan cake Compact; and in Bulk fill your own.

BB Cream

airless white tube 30g.jpg
This is the latest craze – and with good reason! Beauty Balm Cream is a cross between a Deluxe Vitamin Enriched Moisturiser and a Luxurious Foundation, all in stock packaging which is truly elegant!

 Currently available in 8 bestselling shades!


Mineral Mattifying Primer Gel

Light, creamy, smooth as silk... perfect!
Apply under RJ Mineral Cosmetics Liquid or Cream Foundations for a flawless, smooth finish.

Mineral Mattifying Primer Powder

This is perfect to go under the RJ Mineral Cosmetics Powder Foundation, giving your skin a matt finish all day long - and so easy to apply!

Dewy Glo for Airbrush

This little bottle of amazing is just… AMAZING! Add one drop to your gun along with your 10 drops of AirBrush Foundation for a soft Dewy Glo that last all day right along with your AirBrush Foundations! Or use it alone as a highlighter after AirBrush Foundation application, or even massage a couple of drops into your skin as a pep me up – truly an Amazing product!