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Mineral Cream Lip Gloss

cream lipgloss.jpg
This Lip Gloss so shinny and creamy you will be amazed!
100% All-Natural and Vegan!
Dazzling sparkle and shine!
Luscious and Moisturising, but never greasy or sticky!
Amazing colours!
Great taste and no ‘waxy’ smell!
Available in 70+ shades

Super Shine Lip Gloss

The name of this one is a bit of a 'Give Away' - Yes it is SUPER SHINY! A Very Bold Lip Gloss with intense colour that lasts for hours - simply amazing lips!
Available in 70+ shades

Sheer Shine Lip Gloss

lipgloss sheer shine.jpg
This is one for the more subtle among us, its still very shiny and the colours are still amazing, its just more creamy and offers that incredible ‘wet’ look that lip gloss is so famous for!
Available in 70+ shades

FD&C Pigmented Lip Gloss (Lip Stains)


Thes lip glosses are so heavily pigmented and the colour lasts all day!