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Lipstick Colour Charts

What colours are available?
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Lipstick Chubbi Colour Charts

What colours are available?

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Lip Products

Mineral Lipsticks

Probably the most beautiful Lipstick you will ever wear!
100% Vegan & All Natural
Always long-lasting, but never drying
Luscious and Moisturising, but never greasy
Amazing colours over 60 shades
Great taste and no ‘waxy’ smell
Available in 40+ Sheen shades and 30+ Matte shades

BEESWAX Mineral Lipsticks

This lipstick base is so good we now offer it to all our customers, this beeswax base has an intense pigment, is extremely long lasting on the lips, has a creamy texture and offers real depth of colour to the lips.
If your business is not a Vegan Based business you should really consider this incredible base for your lipsticks.
Available in all our amazing shades, over 90 and counting!

FD&C Pigmented Lipsticks


In our amazing Vegan or Beeswax bases (your choice), with these long lasting very intense pigments... want a TRUE RED then these are the lipsticks for you.

Mineral Lipstick Chubbi's

chibbi lipsticks.jpg
Our same beautiful Lipstick in a Chubbi Pencil, great to literally 'take anywhere'!
Available in over 60 shades; pre-packed in 5 gram Chubbi Sticks, or Bulk fill your own.