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As the scientific community is quite divided on the safe use of Nanoparticle Ingredients; here at RJ Mineral Cosmetics International we offer 100% Nano Free products for your business!
So when your customers ask are your products Nano free, you can answer positively 100% “YES”!
The term nanoparticle is used to refer to a small particle with all three dimensions less than 100 nanometres. The ingredients that are in question in relation to Powdered Mineral Foundations are Kaolin Clays, Titanium Dioxides, Zinc Oxides and Micas; we choose larger particle sizes in all of these ingredients allowing you; our customer; to make your own decisions!
Breakdown of Particle size of the following RJ Mineral Cosmetics ingredients:
Zinc Oxide
This is a standard Zinc Oxide with a median particle size of approx. .31 microns (this is 310 nanometres), with all particles between 0.25 microns and 0.35 microns. As a result, RJ Mineral Cosmetics International Zinc Oxide is nearly invisible when applied to the skin yet still offers both broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection! 
Titanium Dioxide
The particle size of this Titanium Dioxide ranges from 1.2 to 1.7 microns; however the average particle size is about 1.5 microns (this is 1500 nanometres).
If you would like any further information on nanotechnology or any of the most recent scientific studies just ask us!
We do a great deal of research into what is safe to use in our Mineral Cosmetics and because of this hard work and diligence our ingredients are safe and effective and approved for use worldwide.