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SPF Testing

All SPF testing is done on live humans! No animal testing here either!
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The TGA and SPF

Your brand can utilise our SPF testing certificates, see how here.
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SPF Ratings

RJMCI Mineral Powder Foundations are Broadspectrum SPF20+


All RJ Mineral Cosmetics Powder Foundations are SPF20+ so you can offer your customers a product they can count on.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. This is a rating given to over the counter sunscreen products and cosmetics. It measures the sunscreen’s performance in absorbing or blocking UVB radiation. The way it works is the higher the SPF ratings number the greater the protection level. For example, an SPF sunscreen rating of 30 means if you use the sunscreen properly you can stay in the sun 30 times as long as without the sunscreen and get the same level of sunburn.

When you’re looking for a mineral powder with sun protection, choose one that has an Australian approved SPF rating.
If there is no SPF rating, the product has not been tested in an accredited laboratory, and remember if you are not sure just ask your supplier to back up their claims with certificates.
All Australian cosmetic and toiletry products are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and NICNAS, depending on if the product is categorised as a medicine or a cosmetic. Foundations fall under NICNAS as the primary function is to offer skin coverage with the secondary function being sun protection. This means that the products are a cosmetic.
The TGA and NICNAS do not assume sun protection even though the product formula may contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. As we have said before all ingredients are not created equal, you could have a product formulated with 20% Zinc and 20% Titanium but if the ingredients chosen are not of excellent quality the SPF rating will not be as high as a reputable company such as RJ Mineral Cosmetics International who always choose the best quality ingredients. The blending procedures used are of equal importance to the SPF of the final product.

All of our Mineral Powder Foundation’s have a Certified SPF 20+ and have gone through the 20-subject testing required by the Australian Standards, one of the strictest qualifiers in the world. But dont worry our Certificates cover your products worldwide, we have all the International Standards covered too!
All the documentation on the certified SPF ratings is available to our customers, and can be used in your brand.

An SPF rating only refers to the UVB ray; the ray that causes sunburn. It doesn’t indicate protection from the more damaging ray, UVA. RJ Mineral Cosmetics International Mineral Foundations products are Certified Broad-spectrum; this means that our Mineral Foundations offer protection against both UVA and UVB. 

If you are ever in doubt please contact the TGA or NICNAS for further clarification.